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Prolotherapy is the oldest form of regenerative therapy. In this treatment method, a suitable and safe HYPERTONIC SOLUTION is injected directly at the degenerated tissue of the body which results in REPAIR or REMODELLING of the tissue.  The injected solution attracts all the body mechanisms of healing and repair to the degenerated or damaged tissue. 

Your Regenerative Medicine Doctor may advise you of any specific risks and benefits associated with the Prolotherapy depending upon many factors. To discuss your suitability for Prolotherapy and other forms of Regenerative Injection therapies BOOK NOW for your Regenerative Medicine Consult.

Common Uses / Benifits

Prolotherapy is commonly used in the following conditions: 

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Painful Ligaments and tendon due to strains and sprains

  • Chronic painful  Occupational and Postural conditions, known as Repetitive Motion Disorders (RMD)

  • Selected types of chronic Back or Neck  pain 

  • It is the lowest cost per treatment compared to other regenerative therapies.

  • Side Effects are rare

  • This may be the only regenerative therapy that can be offered to certain patients due to health reasons.

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Following Limitations are associated with Prolotherapy

  • Its use has been researched mostly for painful conditions. Non-painful conditions may not be treated with this therapy

  • Prolotherapy may cause less than the desired benefit and repeated injections are usually required.

  • The total cost of therapy when considering the frequency of treatment needed may be the same as other more effective regenerative therapies.

  • The outcomes of this therapy depend more as compared to the other regenerative therapies on the biological health of the patient.

  • The improved function of the regenerated tissue once achieved may not last as long as compared to other regenerative therapies.

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